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The Cooperative Difference

The difference between Choptank Electric Cooperative and other power companies is that we are "Owned by those we serve". Each person who receives service from this non-profit, member-owned electric utility is a member - and an owner.

Democratic Control of the Cooperative
Member owners have a voice in the direction the cooperative takes by participation in the voting process. Members have the right to vote on the leadership and directors of the Cooperative by electing directors and voting on bylaw changes. Each member has one vote. All members also have the opportunity to attend the annual meeting.

Non-profit Standing
Although rates are set to produce a margin, all margins are allocated back to the members, based on patronage. The member's share of the margins is called a "capital credit." Members receive a patronage refund of these capital credits over a period of time that is in keeping with the policy and financial posture of the Cooperative.

Commitment to the Community
The Cooperative works with many schools, churches, community agencies and civic organizations to further their programs and goals. Through donations and in-kind services, the Cooperative plays an important part in the events and activities of communities throughout its entire service area.

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