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Agri-Business Members

Agri-business has become the word used most to describe a wide variety of farming business: poultry, grain operations, irrigation, and dairy, hog, and horse farms just to name a few. Choptank Electric is proud to provide electric service to all our agri-business members. If we can be of service to you concerning your farm operation, please give us a call!

Choptank Electric has several brochures and pamphlets that are available to you:
  • "Low-Cost/No-Cost, energy management practices on farms"
  • "Sizing and Selecting Your Standby Generator: A guide for homeowners, farmers and small businesses"
  • "Farmstead Electricity Use"
  • "Choosing and Installing Emergency Generators"
If you are interested in any of these booklets, please email:

Other Agriculture Resources:

Attention Poultry Growers!

Hurricane Related Information for Poultry Growers

Hurricane Irene - Storm Poultry Mortality Guidance (PDF Document 92 KB)

Guidelines for In-house Composting of Catastrophic Poultry Mortality (PDF Document 477 KB)
Choptank Electric Cooperative continuously strives to provide you with outstanding and reliable electric service, as well as improved products and services. Our ongoing effort is to find ways to help make your operation more dependable and more profitable for you.

In past years, we have requested information from you about your poultry operation. We welcome your input, comments and suggestions that may benefit you and your Cooperative.

Over time our members' poultry operations may have significantly changed in many different ways. In an effort to keep current with your ever-changing agri-business, we would ask for you to complete the Poultry Member Profile Survey  (PDF Document 228 KB). You may complete and return this survey online, or print it out and mail it to: Deborah Rementer, Choptank Electric Cooperative, P. O. Box 430, Denton, MD 21629.

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