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Customer Choice

The Maryland Electric Customer Choice and Competition Act of 1999 gave consumers the opportunity to shop for the best deal on electric generation. Consumers may choose the company that supplies the power to their home and business, if there is a company which provides this in their area. The system used to deliver the power will remain the same and will remain regulated by state and federal authorities. At present, there are no companies actively seeking residential customers in Choptank's territory.

What are some important provisions of the Act?
  • A licensing process for new electricity providers gives the Public Service Commission the authority to suspend or revoke an electricity provider license and/or impose a fine if a provider violates consumer protection provisions.
  • Changing a customer's electricity supplier without their specific written permission is illegal.
  • Investor Owned Utilities must participate in competitive billing; Electric co-ops retain metering and billing because members own these functions.
  • Energy charges are "unbundled" or split into charges for transmission and distribution, universal service, customer education, conservation tax and energy, on the electric bill.
  • A statewide Universal Service Fund for low-income assistance for customers at or below 50 percent of the federal poverty level was established.
  • Customers who do not want to switch electric suppliers receive Standard Offer Service. Co-ops and municipal utilities will remain Standard Offer Suppliers until they decide otherwise. This protects co-op members' right to "choose not to choose."
  • Reliability is guaranteed by continuing the regulation of the transmission and delivery systems. Your current company will continue to deliver electricity over its power lines, maintain the delivery system and answer customer inquiries.
Where can I get more information?

Go to the Maryland Public Service Commission's web site at

Go to Maryland Office of the People's Counsel for information for residential consumers on shopping for electricity supply and standard offer service.

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