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Payment Options

Service Bill Convenience
The Cooperative mails each of its members a service bill, which includes the electric bill and all services and products purchased from Choptank Electric or one of its subsidiaries.

Level Payment Plan
If you choose this plan, the co-op will recalculate your billing amount every four months, which eliminates the annual true-up month previously used in the Even Monthly Billing plan. For more information about Level Payment, please call 877-892-0001.

Credit Card Payments
Choptank Electric Cooperative accepts VISA and MasterCard at all of its offices for bill payment and purchase of goods and services. You may also pay your service bill each month by credit card. Call our billing office for information on this option and an agreement to charge your monthly billing will be sent to you. You may also charge your bill to your credit card by phone through our Customer Service Line or pay online.

Bank Draft Authorization
Bank Draft Authorization (BDA) is an electronic bill payment program that automatically pays your electric bill each month from your bank account.

BDA is easy, convenient, and saves on stamps and checks. The BDA program permits Choptank Electric to deduct money from your bank, savings and loan or credit union checking account to pay your monthly bill.

The program is effective with the next bill after you enroll. Each month a message on your Choptank Electric bill will advise you of the BDA post payment date and amount.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
For complete details and an application form, call or visit your local Cooperative office. You may also download a copy of the form (PDF Document 18 KB) fill in the fields online, print it out, and mail it to us - or drop it off at your local Choptank Electric office. The Adobe Acrobat Reader browser plug-in which will enable you to display and print the file can be found at the Adobe web site. Most browsers have it preinstalled. Visually-impaired viewers who are unable to read PDFs may contact Choptank Electric toll-free at 877-892-0001.

All cooperative offices have facilities for 24-hour deposit of payments.

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