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Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up &

the Choptank Electric Trust

Operation Round Up® is Choptank Electric Cooperative's community service assistance program. The concept is to extend the principle on which electric cooperatives were built over 75 years ago - neighbor helping neighbor - and as a Touchstone Energy Cooperative to follow one of the core principals - Commitment to Community. "Small change that changes lives" is the foundation upon which Operation Round Up is built. This site requires cookies.

This simple and rewarding way to enable members to contribution funds for local charities, needy individuals and service organizations is operated as the non-profit Choptank Electric Trust, Inc.

Palmetto Electric Cooperative in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, began Operation Round Up in 1989, and since then, hundreds of other electric cooperatives nationwide have chosen to adopt the program.

How is the program funded?

The cooperative will "round up" a member's monthly electric bill to the next highest dollar unless the customer chooses not to participate. For example, if the bill is $6.54, it is rounded up to $7.00 and the extra 46 cents is contributed to the Choptank Electric Trust. The average annual contribution will be about $6.00. All administrative costs of the program are absorbed by Choptank Electric.

How does the program work?

Choptank Electric members will be automatically included in Operation Round Up. If a member does not wish to participate, they should call the co-op at 1-877-892-0001 and request to opt out of the program or email us. Most participating cooperatives nationwide administer the program in this way. A member may choose to discontinue their contribution at any time. The co-op will remove members at their request, but will not refund contributions made up to that time.

How will I know how much I have contributed?

The monthly billing statement shows how much is being contributed to Operation Round Up. The amount a member contributes is tax deductible because the Choptank Electric Trust is a 501(c)3 organization. Members receive a year-end statement for tax purposes.

What type of donations are made with Operation Round Up funds?

According to its bylaws, the Trust board may make donations to any worthwhile community cause, except no funds can be used for political purposes or to pay electric bills. The current mission statement of the Choptank Electric Trust allows for donations to be made for food, clothing, shelter, equipment, medical and educational needs.

Are Operation Round Up awards limited to cooperative members?

Awards may be made to any individual in need or any organization within the nine counties of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

How do organizations/individuals apply for Trust funds?

Applications are designated for either an individual or an organization in need. The correct form must be completed and mailed to:

Choptank Electric Trust, Inc.
P O Box 426
Denton MD 21629

Applications are reviewed at the monthly meeting of the Trust board of directors and a decision is made on disbursement of funds. Application forms are available at the bottom of this page as Adobe PDF files.

How is the Trust board selected? The Trust board is appointed by the Choptank Electric Cooperative Board of Directors. Each co-op board member appoints a Trust board member from the same county the cooperative board member represents.

Choptank Electric Trust Application for Organizations  (PDF Document 7.31 MB)

Choptank Electric Trust Application for Individuals and Families  (PDF Document 6.76 MB)

Frequently Asked Questions about a Choptank Electric Trust Grant  (PDF Document 183 KB)

Adobe Acrobat Reader
The application form is available online in Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® format. (Note that most browsers have it preinstalled.) Simply click on one of the links above, fill in the fields online, and save the application to your computer's hard disk. For more information call 1-877-892-0001. Visually-impaired viewers who are unable to read PDFs may contact Choptank Electric toll-free at 877-892-0001.

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